In the Beginning

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In this message Pastor Brian preached on the Prologue of John’s Gospel, John 1:1-18.

The opening of the Prologue parallels both Genesis 1 and the beginning of 1 John 1. This is not an accident.

The themes and ideas introduced here help to lay a foundation for the rest of this Gospel. In addition to Jesus’ title of The Word, things like light, life, and darkness are all mentioned here.

Some time was spent focusing on John 1:14 with two specific ideas.

  1. When we see dwelt in our more modern translations, think of the tabernacle of the Old Testament, how God was with Israel as they were in the desert; it was a meeting place.
  2. When we see begotten, think of this word as describing an only or unique Son. All who are Christian are grafted or adopted into the family of God, but Jesus’ relationship with the Father is most unique. He is the only God-Man, the only mediator.